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Oh, those Victorians! I recently had the pleasure of talking to Dr Kate Lister about The Victorians, in particular, some of the myths that have come down through the ages about the sexual culture of the time. The episode will be aired on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, at 7:30 pm Eastern. We had a fascinating […]

Jerry Barnett, author of Porn Panic, speaks with Camille about censorship and freedom of speech.

Dr Jill McCracken joins Camille to discuss the difference between Human Trafficking and Sex Work.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Eyal Matsliah from about orgasms. Women can experience over 20 different types of orgasm … and while we didn’t have the time to discuss them all, we did speak about explosive versus implosive as a broader category. We also discussed turning sexual energy inward and harnessing […]

Let’s Talk About S.E.C.S., Baby! I think that we can all agree that sex education in many countries, including the USA and Canada, is woefully lacking. Most high school curricula either focus on abstinence practices or are restricted to the mechanics of sex and how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. But sex and […]

 Psychological Play? Or Abuse? Motive Matters On October 11th, I will be talking to Sue Storm, host of In Bed with Dr Sue. We will be talking about a few topics, but they are all related. They deal with motive. Humiliation Play is a form of psychological play where the Top intentionally degrades the bottom. […]

Hold me close Touch. It is a human need and one that many people are craving. We live in the digital age. For many people, an average day involves going to work, then returning home. The bulk of their interactions with friends and family is online. It has never been easier to stay in touch […]

My Successful Sexless Marriage I have been married for 25 years. On July 5, 2017, my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and we have a happy, healthy sexless marriage. Sexual Incompatibility – we have that in spades. Our libidos are out of synch, we share no kink interests and my […]

Going with the Flow Menophilia is simply the love (philia) of menstrual blood. This sexual interest is also sometimes called “Flow” and performing oral during the monthly period has become known as “earning your red wings”. Menstruation is a natural thing. All female-bodied individuals with a healthy reproductive system do it. So why is it […]

Available for Pre-Order Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications Neil McArthur’s book, Robot Sex, is now available for pre-order. Scheduled release date is September 29, 2017 from The MIT Press. It seems like so much time has passed since I spoke with Dr Neil McArthur about digisexuality. That was back when I still have no […]

You want me to what?! Are you cuckoo?? Cuckoldry. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word? Do you think of a husband who can’t satisfy his wife so she cheats on him? Or, maybe you think of some poor schmuck who has been duped into raising another man’s children, […]

Cuck you & the whores you rode in on (drove into) I am a cuck. This was originally posted on FetLife on November 16, 2015. I removed it during one of my profile purges. I am reposting it now in preparation for my interview with Dr David Ley about cuckoldry. The following recounts my self-discovery […]

BDSM Research Opportunity Your chance to be heard A current BDSM research study: The Pfaus Laboratory for Sexual Neuroscience and Cognition is currently conducting a descriptive study to examine the diversity of BDSM sexual practices among the general population and the level of physical/psychological well-being of its practitioners in North America. The study is called […]

Cock and Ball Torture Not your psychotherapist’s CBT Tonight’s show won’t be broadcast live. However, a new episode of Fetish Philes will be available for your listening pleasure (I hope it is a pleasure) at 7 pm ET. Fetish Philes, Episode 2, will be on CBT, or Cock and Ball Torture. BearsPixie joins me to […]

What’s Wrong with Sexual Monogamy? That’s a good question! Monogamy, as we understand it today, is actually a recent development in our cultural approach to relationships and, quite frankly, it is problematic for many people. So why are we (society) still insistent on holding complete fidelity as the norm? On Episode 18: What Is Love?, I […]

How A Whisper Can Drown A Scream Hate … It is an ugly blot on our society. Hate isn’t new, by any means, but we seem to be more aware of it these days. Every day, we see headlines of crimes that are motivated by hatred. Friends and neighbours tell of their experiences with people […]

Anthropomorphic Research = Fur Science! What is a Furry? That is what we aim to learn … and I found the perfect person to dismantle the stereotypes and give us data. Yes, real data. He studies furries and fandoms and is a furry himself. Therefore, he has a lot of facts and figures, as well […]

Conscious of the Unconscious: Research notes It has been a year since I first appeared on a TPOK Radio show (talking about unconscious sex). On May 1, 2016, I was the guest on The 3rd Rail with PreacherBear and Cypress. My appearance arose out of some comments I had made during the live chat and […]

Pageism with Paige, The Pageist Paige is a pageist. Naturally, this means she can tell us something about pageism. And she did. I have already recorded our interview and will be sharing it with you on May 3rd. If you would like to join me for the live broadcast, I will be participating in the […]

Stereo-Typed @AltSexNYC 2017 Achievement Unlocked: Attend a Conference Thanks in part to my Sugar Daddy Collective, Stereo-Typed is heading out on its first road trip to The Big Apple. My bags are packed and I’m ready to go! I am stoked and filled with all sorts of anxious energy. This conference is a huge deal (for […]

Breaking the STI-gma Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month April is STD Awareness Month. So, to raise awareness, as well as dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding this important aspect of our sexual health, I have enlisted the help of Jenelle Marie Pierce of The STD Project. Join us on April 19, 2017, as […]

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness Month With all of the talk about rape culture and sexual assault survivors, we often focus on one specific dynamic of this crime: female victims/male perpetrators. While this may represent a larger portion of these offences, it is not, by any means, the whole picture. Last night, […]

It is a crime, regardless of gender Sexual abuse/assault is a horrible crime. Victims often feel powerless and ashamed. We talk a lot about female survivors, but what about male survivors of sexual abuse? Surely they have a voice in this conversation as well. One is too many What is a good number? How many […]

Introducing … Fetish Philes What are the Fetish Philes? It is a new segment on Stereo-Typed. If things go well (and I have enough support from my Sugar Daddy Collective), this may become a new stand-alone show (or podcast) on TPOK Radio. However, initially, it will be aired under the Stereo-Typed name. I know that didn’t give […]

Can we “cure” love? The Medicalization of Love. Is it possible? Should it be done? The dual nature of love In Episode 18, Carrie Jenkins and I discussed the nature of love. It has a dual nature; part biology and part social construct. Additionally, we talked about what love can be or how we can […]

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