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The morning after; A bitter pill, the bitter truth The idea of retroactively withdrawing consent arose during an episode of The Third Rail on which I was the guest. The episode aired on May 1, 2016. We were talking about unconscious sex (which is a violation), but a comment was made about retroactive withdrawal. I […]

Home Safe! Safety Calls – of a different sort, Camille Beaujolie, “Home Safe” Calls – a standard of care I frequently attend events by myself. If I am not actually solo at the event, there comes a time when I will be travelling solo back to my home. Most of my social engagements are an […]

Love: A Metaphysical Conversation. Love; what is it? It is a many splendored thing and it is in the air. Or, so we are told. It is a chemical concoction in our brains, also known as an emotion. Is it a mystery to unravel or something that we will only know once we feel it? […]

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