Consensually Speaking with Gio has joined the TPOK Educational Network family of sex-positive podcasts.

TPOK Radio will be setting up at the Everything to do with Sex Show in support of our Community Dungeon. Nov 24-26

The Kink Clinic Podcast joins TPOK Educational Network.

I am pleased to welcome Practically Kinky to the TPOK Educational Network. Practically Kinky started its podcast journey in November 2012 under the name Men Submit. As you might guess, this podcast features commentary on the kink lifestyle from the perspective of Female-Led Relationships. Oh, and there is a polyamory too! Practically Kinky’s most recent […]

I am so excited to announce that Kinky Queer Revolution will be broadcasting live over the TPOK Radio interwaves. Kinky Queer Revolution is Wicked Grounds’ new podcast. It is recorded in front of a live audience at Wicked Grounds Kinky Cafe and Boutique in San Francisco. This Thursday, October 12th, they will be trying something different. […]

Sex-Positive Nonprofits can advertise (for free) on TPOK Radio. Additionally, Camille would like to showcase your organization on an episode of Stereo-Typed

TPOK Radio was the official radio station of MBE 2016. The interviews are now being released on TPOK Live! This page will keep track of the episodes.

Hubby has been on vacation this week, which means less time to do my stuff, and more time catering to his whims (now, if only he had sexual whims!) Yesterday, he wanted to do a mini road trip to the Pinery (a Provincial Park we visited oh, 25 years ago). So, into the truck we […]

TPOK Educational Network is ready to go! All we need is you. Consider joining the network and providing some educational and entertaining information about alternative sexuality.

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to the new home of TPOK Radio (& beyond). I would encourage you to open the home page in another tab so you can follow along at home. I am going to run down some of the features of the new TPOK Educational Network. Here’s a link for you (or you can […]

Build it and they will come (or cum). We are open to discussing new shows, blogs and other content.

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