Community Outreach

Banner image is modified from Support Love by Karen Eliot, available under a Creative Commons licence through Flickr

There are many organisations that have the same mission as TPOK Educational Network. Namely, to provide education and reduce stigma about Alternative Sexuality.

We are reaching out to some of those organisations and offering them the opportunity to advertise on TPOK Radio, as well as on this site.

What we will provide, free of charge:

  • A listing on this page with a link back to their web page.
  • A short (20 second) radio spot that will play on our live shows. The spots will be put into a rotation. Podcasters have the option of including these spots in their productions as well.

If you represent a non-profit organisation, please contact Camille (tpoknetwork[@] to discuss adding your organisation to this page. Please use “Community Outreach” in the subject line of your email. Or, if you would like to become a member of the TPOK Community, you can join the forum and send her a private message there.

This offer is open to non-profit organisations only. However, if you have a for-profit company that provides education and stigma-reduction, you can contact us about becoming a Sponsor and advertising with us. Paid sponsors will have their ads played in each live show and will be featured on the Sponsor page, as well as in the side bar.

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