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So what's this about?
Why a radio show? What's it about? Why do it?
I love to talk, talk radio is something that has been a constant since my childhood. Whether it was Theater of the Mind, The Lone Ranger or The Sunday funnies, where I first heard a George Carlin monologue. It was always something I've wanted to try. So when the opportunity presented it self I jumped at it.
There comes a time in our lives when we look around us and take stock. The realization hits that, we could be better, I could be better.
Which begs the question. Why aren't we?
I want to know that, I want to know why we do and think the things we do.
What is right or wrong and why it is so?
Of course that can't happen if we don't communicate and learn from each other.
Understand where we come from and what it will take to get to where we want to be.
And that's the beauty of our lifestyle, live life, try something new, express your passion, leave something of yourself for when you're gone.
Kinky, passionate and far from conventional.

The short answer is... Why not?
You won't get many of those from me.
Lets chat.

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