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FetLife BDSM Glossary Term: Branding

Scarring of the skin by a heated object.

Can be semi-permanent or permanent. Glossary Term: Branding

Branding is scarification, usually through the application of a heated material (usually metal) to the skin, making a serious burn that eventually becomes a scar. Ideally, a healed branding looks like a pattern of thick raised lines, slightly lighter than skin colour (when fully healed). However, the amount of raising or keloiding varies greatly, dependent on a large number of factors. It is not safe. Practiced responsibly by experienced practitioners, scarification of all kinds should fall inside “acceptable risk.”

Wikipedia Term: Human Branding

Wikipedia Entry

Human branding or stigmatizing is the process which a mark, usually a symbol or ornamental pattern, is burned into the skin of a living person, with the intention that the resulting scar makes it permanent. This is performed using a hot or very cold branding iron. It, therefore, uses the physical techniques of livestock branding on a human, either with consent as a form of body modification; or under coercion, as a punishment or to identify an enslaved or otherwise oppressed person. It may also be practised as a “rite of passage”, e.g. within a tribe, or to signify membership of or acceptance into an organization.

Human Branding
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