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Kinkly Glossary Term: Swinging

Kinkly Entry

Swinging refers to the practice of swapping partners in a sexual context. This practice can take place under a variety of circumstances such as informal gatherings between friends or in a more formal setting such as swingers clubs.

Swinging is also known to take place in locations such as private homes, hotels, cruise ships, or special adults-only resorts. Couples who are interested in this practice can also look up swinging websites for the locations as well as the terms and conditions of the host party. Contrary to popular belief, jealousy is rarely a factor in swinging because both parties are aroused by watching their respective partner engage in sexual activities with another person.

Swinging may also be known as the swing lifestyle.

Loving More Glossary Term: Swinging

Swinging verb

  1. Relationship style in which a married or primary partners enjoy and engage in sex with other couples, individuals and/or groups with an emphasis on sexual pleasure and not on emotional connectedness.
  2. Recreational sexual activity, sometimes called sport sex, where partners or participants agree to have casual sex with each other’s partners. There is usually no emotional involvement.

More Than Two Glossary Term: Swinging

The practice of having multiple sexual partners outside of an existing romantic relationship, most often with the understanding that the focus of those relationships is primarily sexual rather than romantic or emotionally intimate.

See also friends-first swinging, closed swinging, closed-group swinging, swing club.

Commentary: The common perception of swinging is that those who engage in this behaviour have sex outside of their existing relationship purely for recreation and that emotional bonds or emotional intimacy are specifically excluded. This is true in some cases, and in fact, some swing clubs specifically prohibit people from carrying on friendships or relationships outside the club. However, in practice swinging is much more nuanced, and people who self-identify as swingers can and sometimes do form close emotional relationships with their partners. Many people in both the swinging and polyamorous communities, though not all, see swinging and polyamory as two ends of a continuum, different in degree of intent, focus, and emphasis on romantic and emotional relationships rather than differences in kind.

Wikipedia Term: Swinging (Sexual Practice)

Wikipedia Entry

Swinging, sometimes called wife swapping or partner swapping, is a non-monogamous behaviour in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity.

The phenomenon of swinging, or at least its wider discussion and practice, is regarded by some as arising from the freer attitudes to sexual activity after the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the invention and availability of the contraceptive pill and the emergence of treatments for many of the sexually transmitted diseases that were known at that time.

The swinger community sometimes refers to itself as “the lifestyle”, or as “the alternative lifestyle”.

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