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Whether you are a regular content provider or would like to submit a one-off article, you can do that here.

Simply complete the submission form (below) and your post will be submitted (pending review).

There are a number of forms to choose from. You will only see the forms that your permission level allows.

Open Blogs

The following Regular Features Blogs allow users to submit anonymously.

Caution: If you are currently logged in, there is also the option to post to these features under your name. If you want to post anonymously, make sure that you select the form that states “Anonymous”.

Closed Blogs

If you don’t see anything listed here it is because you aren’t registered and/or logged in. At a minimum, you should see an option to submit the “TPOK Network News” and “Where be my forms?”.

Upcoming Forms

The following forms still need to be developed:

  • Submit Idea for a new Open Blog
  • Suggest another form

The following features will be added to the network … some day

  • Event Submission (Free & Paid Service levels)
  • Speaker/Educator Directory (Free & Paid Service levels)
  • Alt-Sex Friendly Professionals Directory (Free & Paid Service levels)
  • Advertising Submission Forms (Paid Service)
  • Non-profit PSA Submission Forms (Free)

Submit Ideas/Shows for Consideration

Do you want to be a contributor? The following forms can be used to request a special place on TPOK Educational Network. And, you will also get access to the Affiliated Content Providers board on the forum (so don’t forget to clicky-click on the link (right-most link on the Top Bar).

Since you are thinking of requesting a special space on the site, you might as well register! So, the form is down below to make it really easy for you.

You can ask that we set up a blog for you, submit an existing podcast for our review (even a retired one – we will archive it for you if the content fits our focus), and propose a new show or podcast idea.

Maybe you don’t want your own space (why not?), but have an idea of a shared open blog (similar to those listed on the left). Well, if you do, we have a form for that.

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