Guest Posting Guidelines

Does TPOK Educational Network (TPOK) accept Guest Posts?

TPOK isn’t new, but we have only recently branched out into written content. We have a long history (back to 2012) of podcasting and live internet radio broadcasting. We are now looking to build upon that foundation by supplying other forms of media that fit into our focus.

We do accept guest posts. While we do prefer that you register on the site and request a dedicated blog space, we understand that not everyone is interested in having a blog (or another blog, as the case may be). Personal blog spaces can be named according to your wishes and will have a direct URL to the blog’s archive. For example,

If you would like to submit a series for consideration, that can also be accomodated, though we will require you to become an affiliated content provider (i.e. register and create a personal blog on the site).

Please note that we are not in the position to pay for submissions. If you have a company or practice (if, for example, you are a therapist), we can place an ad on your post(s). Otherwise, the only remuneration we can offer is a link to your web site or blog and “follow me” links to your social media accounts.

What kind of content do we accept?

Anything that is useful for our readers is good content for a guest post here.

Keep in mind, the focus of our site is to educate about alternative sexualities. “Alternative Sexuality” is generally defined as anything that the majority of people aren’t doing, or aren’t willing to admit that they are doing, including, but not limited to BDSM, sexual orientation and gender identity (LGBTQ+), non-standard relationships (polyamory, swinging, open), specific fetishes and kinks, and the intersection of sex with marginalized groups (POC, disabilities, mental health). We will also accept articles about general sexual health and other sex-related topics if they are educational in nature. Our primary goal is to reduce stigma.

We accept a variety of types of writings. Research-based articles, personal experiences, practical advice, and reviews of books or movies that depict alternative sexual activities. You can also write a response to another post that was submitted to TPOK (or elsewhere). We will link your response to the relevant article.

We do not accept marketing material or press releases. If you want to review a product that is unique and meets a specific need in our niche, please send a proposal to before submitting an article.

There is no minimum length for your post, but usually, guest posts have over 400 words.

General Guidelines

  • You post must be non-shaming and sex-positive. Ethical and philosophical submissions will be accepted provided they are balanced.
  • Your post need not be original. If you have previously published the article, please provide links to the previously posted material. We will include a link to the original post. (If you have your own blog or are a regular blogger on another site that has the same or similar focus as TPOK, we may be interested in syndicating your feed, contact Camille to make this happen.)
  • Posts should aim to be between 400-2000 words.
  • We have a number of open blogs. You can see the current list on the Provide some content! page. If you are submitting to these, please use the appropriate form to avoid delays in publishing. There are two forms for each blog. One is for anonymous posting, the second is for posts with contributors accreditation. Anonymous submissions cannot be edited (except for grammar and spelling) or deleted once submitted.
  • Do not include any affiliate links in your writing unless they are to your own book or product (see next point). You may link to other websites to provide context for your commentary, but please show the relevance in your own article. Use external links sparingly unless you are submitting a scholarly paper, in which case, proper citations are encouraged.
  • We do not accept marketing posts, including, but not limited to product or event promotions, business services or sales pitches. If you have a product that is unique and meets a particular need in our niche, please send in a proposal before submitting a post. For example, we may accept a writing about a tool that will aid in negotiation and how to ensure consent has been attained (such as the Kink Starter Cards or a consent checklist). We have a blog specifically for these sorts of tips.
  • You can include a link in the byline, which will be displayed at the top of the post. You can also include your social media links if you wish for readers to follow you. The relevant social media accounts are Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and Vimeo. If you are a member of FetLife, you can add a link to your profile, as well.

Here’s a sample of how your byline will be displayed.

Drop-Down (in the closed position)

Drop-Down (in the open position)

Formatting Guidelines

  • Please use the Guest Post Submission form which includes a WordPress editor. If you choose not to use this forms, please format your post as an HTML document, so that I can copy and paste it into the WordPress HTML editor.
  • Use H2 or H4 tags for sub-headings.
  • Include tags (words or phrases that describe your subject-matter). If it makes sense to add a new collective blog, we will do so. Currently, categories are being used to name individual blogs and tags are being used to sort topics/themes. We may re-categorize your post at a later date if we find we are getting sufficient interest in a particular area. Currently, guest posts will be filed under the Uncategorized “Guest Posts” blog.
  • Make sure to include the author byline at the bottom, including relevant social media/contact links.

Image Guidelines

  • We welcome image submissions with your blog, as long as you have the rights to the image and provide a brief caption and photo credit. If the image was curated from the internet, please include a link to the source.
  • If you submit a photo, it will be set as the feature image for your post. If you do not include a picture, we will use a generic “Guest Submission” image.

Submission Guidelines

If you choose to submit an HTML document, you can send it to me by email to Please include the following in your subject line “GUEST POST SUBMISSION” (all caps), followed by your favourite colour. Please note that any submission received via email that does not have a colourful subject line will be ignored. Please include the post in the body of the email itself, or as a .rtf or .txt attachment.

We check and respond to all guest post submissions at least twice a month (usually more frequently), so it might take up to two weeks before we get back to you. This doesn’t mean I have rejected your post though, and even in the case of rejection, you should get an answer from us, explaining the reason.

Deletion Policy

We do not delete posts, however, if you would like your contribution removed at some later date, we will set it to private so that it cannot be viewed by anyone other than the administrators.

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