Ep. 56 – Primal

Hosted by PreacherBear & Cypress

Episode Description

Read it.
Primal you say?

This week we’ll be discussing what “Primal” means.
What it means to myself, to my co-host @Cypress?
What does it mean to you?

According to our very own BDSM Glossary

“Primal: (1) One who takes the position of not being traditional and wants to start evolving in an alternative lifestyle with no preset rules , traditions or protocols. One who wants to start at the beginning and sets things up to his or her liking. Self defining. (2) Basest, primary animal instinct. (3) Slang used for bringing out the basest animal instinct that people feel. Discussion link

You can google it or look here -> https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/primal


adjective pri·mal \ˈprī-məl\

Primal defined for English-language learners – “very basic and powerful — used especially to describe feelings that are like the feelings of animals and that seem to come from a part of human nature that has existed since ancient times.”
primal urges/instincts

Join us for some off the cuff fun and chat along.

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