Ep. 58 – Down with Sex

Hosted by PreacherBear & Cypress

Episode Description
Now, you may be inclined to ask, “Have you lost your fucking mind?”

The answer is no, I am well aware of where I left it.

Sex seems to be such a driving force for us humans, as it is for just about everything on this planet. I figured, let’s take a look at what it means for us.

  • Why do we obsess over it?
  • Is it a necessary function or pursuit any longer?

After all, homo sapiens as a species may be considered asexual, technically if not in practice.
That is to say, for the purposes of procreation and the raising of offspring, physical copulation is no longer a requirement. Indeed, there are some who would bypass the sexual aspect of reproduction, embrace IVF and move straight child rearing. Gene manipulation, surrogate wombs, population control, there are a number of reasons for no longer engaging in such an inefficient and messy mode for reproduction.

Is there a logical reason to promote and engage in sexual intercourse?

Are we still responding to some primal drive or are we now simply pursuing pleasure and or maintaining an outdated status quo?

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