Ep. 12 – Dr J

Hosted by Gio

Episode Description

Squirting Glorification, clit biology, sex toys and more! The 3rd Sister in Smut Dr J joins me!
Obtaining her  B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. college degrees all focusing on sexuality and being trained by experts in the field, Dr J’s focused her sexuality work threefold. She provided sex therapy, professional consulting and training, and education. Sexuality education was her favorite work, offering programs through her practice and in the community.

However, her most rewarding moments came in my college classrooms. Championing sex-positive and holistic sexuality education utilizing personal qualities of genuineness, a non-judgmental attitude filled with compassion, and empathy, gaining her biggest supporters; her students. When they learned she planned to retire from college teaching, they said, “Keep going; find another way to keep on sex educating.”  So she did, by blogging and writing in the genre of erotic short stories.

For more information on Dr J and her works, visit her site at http://drjauthor.com/ You can also find her books on Amazon and the mobile app Radish Fiction.

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