Ep. 2 – Nicholas Tanek

Hosted by Gio

Episode Description

Episode 2 has arrived! Our guest today is Author/Blogger Nicholas Tanek, author of Your Kinky Friends, The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself, and Chipped Black Nail Polish.

Nicholas Tanek grew up as a New Jersey punk rock skater kid who lost himself in the early 90’s New York City rave scene. After years of drug addiction, he got his life together when he was reunited with Lynn, the love of his life, before she died at the age of 37. Instead of choosing negativity, he chose creativity. Losing Lynn inspired him to write his first book, The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself. A huge lover of all things kinky and very knowledgable. 

Nick is also a contributer and blogger on the site, Take Back Your Sex, created by fellow podcasters and friends of this show, Megan and Tanya hosts of the similarly named podcast. 

You can find Nick’s books on Amazon. The blog is on Take Back Your Sex. His latest blog is on the Dos and Don’ts of approaching people in kink can be found HERE. You can also find Nick on his Facebook Page.

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