Ep. 51 – “DatingKinky.com” with Nookienotes

Hosted by Brooklyn V & Rainbow

Episode Description
On this week’s show, Rainbow and I welcome Nookienotes from DatingKinky.com. Come listen Live to the show and learn about this new kinky dating site for our community.

See you at 7 PM

DatingKinky.com features:

Multiple Gender Identities: Male, Female, TransF, TransM, GenderFluid, GenderQueer, Non-Binary, Agender, None Of The Above/Ask Me
PLUS: Couple & Family Profiles

11 Sexual Identities: Straight, Queer, Gay, Bisexual, Heteroflexible, Homoflexible, Pansexual, Asexual, Unsure, Fluctuating / Evolving, None Of The Above/Ask Me

7 Relationships Styles: Monogamous, Monogamous Sexually, Poly, Swinger, Open, Discreet, None Of The Above/Ask Me

Multiple kink roles (27 and growing).
One-click Decline & Block.
Zero tolerance for fakes and phoney accounts.
LOW tolerance for rudeness to other members.
Message Filtering.
Mutual References/Personal Testimonials.

Their goal is to give kinksters a different way to connect and find play and love. Also to become the best damn kinky dating site ever.


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