Ep. 2 – The N Word

Hosted by Camille Beaujolie

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Episode Description
It probably isn’t the one you are thinking. There is a new n-word that has risen through the ranks to be the ultimate slur … narcissist. But, is being narcissistic really the evil that it is portrayed to be? Are we really experiencing a Narcissism Epidemic, as some have asserted? Or, is narcissism, like many other psychological terms, simply misunderstood?

The vilification of narcissism has been in the works for several decades and has now reached the point where it is the accusation of choice. If someone promotes their ideas, or themselves, they are a narcissist. If they feel that they are special, they are a narcissist.

I had been planning on doing an episode on narcissism and selfishness later, but in light of recent allegations against Crazy Heart (I know, he wants the topic dropped, but I feel that it needs to be discussed), I decided to move it forward.

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