Ep. 35 – Anxiety

Hosted by AuntieSocial

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Episode Description

After a short stay (2 weeks) in the psych ward, Camille is home and feeling much better than she has in some time.

In this episode, she is going to talk about a topic that isn’t sexy, but it is something that we all deal with at some point in our lives. In her experience, there seems to be a lot of people who identify with alternative sexuality that struggle with it.


We will discuss the following:
– what is anxiety?
– is it natural?
– what causes it?
– is it dangerous?
– how is it different than panic?
– and, how can we handle it when a bout of anxiety comes on?

Camille will also share a couple of exercises that can be used when feeling anxious or tense (due to stress).

Anxiety can be a horrible experience, however, when it is managed well, it can be an interesting and exciting aspect of psychological/fear play (a form of edge play). People who choose to play in this area need to be aware of their experiences and using one of the techniques shared in this episode as a part of your aftercare can assist in staving off the unwelcome aspects of anxiety.


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Individual Relaxation Exercises

Deep Breathing

Music: Meditation For Viola And Piano 3 – Jonatan Järpehag
Modified for time

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Music: You Are Loved – Johannes Bornlöf
Modified for time

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