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Written by on September 25, 2017

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Camille Beaujolie

Host of Stereo-Typed and Fetish Philes. The one who tries to keep this all together.
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Hi there! If you are here, you probably got a message from me, or you found this on social media. Either way, I hope you will participate in my little stigma-reducing, educational project about kinks, fetishes and paraphilias.By way of introduction,

By way of introduction,

  • I am the host of an internet radio show called Stereo-Typed (ST).
  • I’m also the new owner of the TPOK Radio/Educational Network (it grew out of the old The People of Kink podcast).
  • I am in the process of developing a second show (which will be done in a podcast format, instead of live airings) called Fetish Philes (FP).  Update: This is now a separate show.

Both shows are educational. ST is a research-based show exploring the science and philosophy of alternative sexuality and FP is an exploration of kinks and sexual interests through the words and experiences of those who love them. Both shows are sex-positive.

Eventually, I would like to do a segment of FP on everything (okay, let’s be real … as many of the kinks that I can find willing guests). If you are interested, I probably would like to interview you.

Over the course of the show, I imagine I will have multiple people talk about the same topics, but that’s the beauty of the show. Everyone experiences kink differently. So I can have many people telling their story and experiences, but each one will be different.

The interview follows a standard set of inquiries, as follows:

1 – I will ask you to share a bit about yourself. This is open-ended, so you can decide what you wish to share. I don’t ask anything specific about you/your kinks, except question 3 & 5 (below).

2 – What is <your kink>? – Tell me about it in your own words, what the term means to you.

3 – How did you become interested in, or when did you discover your interest in it?

4 – Are there any misconceptions or stereotypes that you encounter from people who are not knowledgeable about <your kink>? (Vanilla and kinky people)

5 – What do you get out of it? How does it make you feel?

6 – If you are a business owner, we can certainly take some time to pimp out your business(es) and product(s)?

7 – We will go where ever the conversation leads us … I need about 50 minutes of audio for the show and I end with the following two-part question

8 – If there was one misconception (above all others) that you would like to see corrected, what is it? How do you think we can overcome this?

I have a writing on stereo-typed.com about FP.

If you are interested, I would very much like to *open a Fetish Phile* on with you.

Also, if you know of anyone else who might be interested in being interviewed about their kinks, fetishes or philias (loves), I am always looking for people. So far, we have covered (which doesn’t mean they can’t be covered again):

  • Pageism (a non-sexual form of service) with ThePageist
  • CBT with BearsPixie,
  • Menophilia with MrRedWing,
  • Gorean Lifestyle with Malebranche,
  • Furry Fandom with “Nuka” (Dr Courtney Plante),
  • Overcoming Becoming a Daddy with PreacherBear

Earlier, I mentioned Stereo-Typed because I am currently running the occasional FP episode under that umbrella until I have enough interest to move it to its own show profile. I am hoping to make this move next month with bi-weekly interviews. However, I am also looking for people who research or educate on kink/alternative sexuality topics for Stereo-Typed. The goal of that show is to challenge, “What do you believe?” and “Why?” I try to tackle misconceptions about kink, sexuality and LGBTQ+ from an academic perspective (research, clinical psychology, sexology, philosophy, history, etc)


Host of Stereo-Typed and Fetish Philes

Mistress of the TPOK Educational Network Inc. Web

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