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Written by on October 3, 2017

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Supporting those who support us!

It seems that the stigma of being different just doesn’t go away. That said, there are a lot of wonderful organizations that are working with and within the Alt-Sex and LGBTQ+ communities.

We appreciate everything you do for us!! And, I want to help in the best way I know how.

TPOK Network’s Outreach Program

As the owner of TPOK Educational Network, I have set up a page dedicated to nonprofit organizations that offer support, educate and reduce the stigma associated with

  • Alternative Sexuality Choices
  • LGBTQ+ Community
  • Sex Workers’ Rights
  • Sexual Health and Well-being
  • … and more

If the organization has a sex-positive message, aims to educate and reduce stigma, then there is a good chance that I (TPOK) would like to work with them.

How it works:

There are a few ways that TPOK can help spread your message:

  1. Print ad on our Outreach Page (with a link back to your site)
  2. Short radio spot with a brief mission statement and your website/contact information
  3. Syndicating your blog (or, creating a blog space if you don’t have one)

For details on these opportunities, please contact Camille at outreach @

Stereo-Typed’s Spotlight

As the host of Stereo-Typed, I strive challenge my listeners to question their beliefs. The focus of the show is to combat stereotypes and generalizations and educate in a sex-positive manner.

I recently moved my show to a weekly schedule (and added a second show). This means triple the work, triple the information and triple the need for content …

On a monthly basis, I would like to invite a representative of a nonprofit that support our collective community to be my guest. The show will highlight the work the organization does for the Alt-Sex, Sex-Positive community. The following is a (very rough) draft of what the discussion will include:

  1. about the organization – history, mission, etc
  2. what issues do you see your sector of the sexual community facing?
  3. how are you advocating for us? (education and stigma-reduction)
  4. what services do you provide people in that sector? (if you are more service-oriented)
  5. what programs/events/projects are you running?
  6. most importantly, how can people get involved? What can we do to help you?

My show is a live broadcast on Wednesdays at 7 PM EST. If that scheduling doesn’t work for you, we can prerecord your interview and I will do the intro and summary live.

If you would like to shine a spotlight on your organization, the contact information is the same. outreach @

Additionally, it there are topics you think need to be heard and discussed with respect to sexuality, sexual health & wellness, sexual freedom & choice, or any other aspect of sexuality, the other weeks of the month, I have guest on to talk about research, science, philosophy and psychology of alternative sexuality topics.

I look forward to supporting those who support us!



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