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Exploring those topics that some consider dangerous, PreacherBear and Cypress engage in frank discussions about kink, their lives, and more kink.


“If it’s thought-provoking, controversial, or just tickles yer medulla oblongata, we’ll discuss it.”

I had been thinking about a chat show, touch on the day’s issues as they relate to kinksters. We are people after all, have folks call in and express an opinion be it politics, consent, mental illness etc…. Perhaps present a topic, express a view from both sides and discuss the merits and fallacies, perhaps a way to bridge gaps or promote positive and edifying ideas.

A forum for frank and open discourse on religion, faith, codes, ethics, and or any philosophy.

What makes us tick and why?

How we come by such thoughts and attitudes and the effect they have on kinksters and society at large.

Of course, leave it to a guy with the word “crazy” in his name to decide, me in front of a mike broadcasting to the masses is a good idea.

I know right…?

What the hell was he thinking?


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