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Consensually Speaking with Gio is a kink-centric, sex positive, podcast that aims to educate, inform and entertain with a light-hearted, conversational, and comedic flavor. NSFW, sexual content and language.

Hello and welcome! My name is Gio (the Arrogant in some circles) and welcome to the home of my new podcast, Consensually Speaking with Gio.

I am a 40 something year old man that is into kink/BDSM. I’ve been a kinkster for about 7 years now and in a committed D/s relationship as a Dom/Daddy with my partner Mariestar for just about 4 years. While I am not a novice to the scene and fairly knowledgeable, I am relatively new compared to some lifers out there. Just as in life, I know one can never stop learning and conversely, impart knowledge upon others. So far in this journey I have met some incredible people, and each and every recording I do delights and astounds me.

My hopes is that this kink-centric podcast can give knowledge and information to people new to the kink scene, as well as help me also learn new things along the way. I do this in a light-hearted, and even comedic way with casual conversations with guests that are in the kink community as teachers, mentors, as well as just players. Despite being a podcast, I don’t want it to have that “interview” feel, and instead like to make my guests comfortable and just discuss kink like we’re friends sitting at a coffee shop or munch. I warn all of you, it won’t be for the faint of heart. There will be strong language, sexual content and discussions and will definitely be NSFW. Furthermore, I am also giving a LARGE trigger warning. If you have ANY triggers, they most likely can be pushed while listening at any given point.<

If anyone wants to ever be a guest or leave feedback, follow me on twitter which is linked to this page or email me at

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