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Your kink is not my kink, tell me about it!

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The "Fetish Philes" are explorations of particular kinky interests through the words and experiences of those who enjoy them.

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As the name suggests, the “Fetish Philes” are explorations of particular kinky interests. Since I am somewhat loosey-goosey, I won’t be sticking to the strict definition of “fetish.” Hey, if the world’s largest kink-centred social media site, FetLife, can mislabel every conceivable sexual interest as a fetish, so can I! But we won’t be talking about every conceivable interest. I want to explore the unusual or often misunderstood; the terms and activities you may not have heard of, or if you have, you might have said, “I don’t get the appeal.”

To do this, I will be enlisting the help of people who are actually into the featured fetish or philia. I want to talk to the lovers of this or that, so we can hear, in their words, what they get out of it. What attracted them? What preconceived notions did they have? Is the reality like they thought? You get the idea.

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