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A brief description of your show - a couple of paragraphs is all we need.

Twitter follow buttons can be placed here
Join Camille’s Sugar Daddy Collective!This is a sample of our link to my Patreon - we would use yours, of course

A longer description would go here.

I can include shortcodes in this section, so, buttons with links to your archives (the profile only shows the latest 7 episodes) and your blog, as well as any other links.

Host and Team bios can go here as well. If you want, I can do a fancy-schmancy team for you. I would need 500 px sq images for each team member.

Graphics needed:

  • Banner (982 px x 275 px)
  • Logo (1400 px sq)

If your show is pre-existing and we are doing an RSS feed pull (recommended if you are already listed in iTunes), I will also need your RSS URL from your existing host. After the episodes are successfully added to Spreaker, you would need to go into your iTunes and existing host and redirect your RSS feed to the new one that is created. This will carry your fans over to the new location and, if you create new content, it will allow us to add it to your iTunes feed so your listeners won’t have to change their subscription.

The following social connections can be listed (they will put cute little icons on your profile). I have entered a few of mine for demo purposes. They show up as icons under your catchphrase:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • iTunes

I would suggest listing fan pages or show social media accounts and have personal accounts in the team bio.


**Note:** If you are an author, we can set up an “advertising campaign” that links to your titles in Amazon (or another bookstore). If you have an affiliate program through the bookstore, we would need your custom links so you get credited with the commission.

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