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The Sex Guy is hosted by Nick Harding, a PhD candidate at the University of Southampton, U.K.

Listen to hear Nick (The Sex Guy) take on matters such as casual sex, cybersex, divorce, escorting, friends with benefits, infidelity, jealousy, love, marriage, masturbation, monogamy, nonmonogamy, paying for sex, polygamy, polyamory, pornography, promiscuity, relationship breakups,  sex and health, sex robots, sex-starved marriages, sex toys, sex work, sexual frustration, sexual orientation, single life, and virtual reality sex, just to name a few!




Nick entertains his audience with features such as “The Good Sex News and the Bad Sex News”, “Today’s Tough Question”, and “Ask The Sex Guy”, as well as the occasional rant. Most episodes will also feature a live or pre-recorded discussion with a guest. Guests will include academic researchers and professionals from a wide variety of fields, and people with interesting life experiences, all in the realm of sexuality.

Due to his expertise in the science and ethics of human sexuality and relationships, Nick is often sought by people all over the world for answers and advice on issues relating to sex, love, and relationships. Nick plans to share his advice on some episodes of The Sex Guy. If you would like to ask Nick something, please email him at

The Sex Guy promises to be a show that is interesting, provocative, dangerous, offensive, fun, humorous, controversial, hard-hitting, enlightening, educational, daring, shocking, entertaining, informative, helpful, and so much more!

WARNING: this is not a show for the easily offended!

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