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For ease of accessing the archives, I have moved the old The People of Kink interviews to their own show profile. The TPOK Live episodes will be linked here.

So, what do we do with an awesome show name? Well, we repurpose it, of course.

The new "TPOK Live!" will be an occasional feature. When the hosts of TPOK radio shows and podcasts broadcast live from events, this is the show we will use. If several affiliated content providers get together for a roundtable discussion, this is where you will find it.


The People of Kink Podcast and TPOK Live are now one show! Live kinky talk and interviews with the host and founder of The People of Kink Podcast.

The People of Kink is where it all began. The podcast series featured interviews with people in the kink community. Starting each show with the question, “What is your earliest memory of kink?”, each guest leads us through their own journey and self-discovery.

TPOK Live! was the original live show on TPOK Radio.

Take a walk down memory lane and listen to the archived episodes.

On occasion, there will be new TPOK Live! episodes when the hosts of the various shows and podcasts do live appearances at events, or when we schedule a roundtable discussion.

Episode Archive: TPOK Live! Blog Archive: TPOK Live!

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