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Written by on January 18, 2018

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I am pleased to announce that our family of podcasts is growing!

Consensually Speaking with Gio is a kink-centric, sex positive, podcast that aims to educate, inform and entertain with a light-hearted, conversational, and comedic flavor. NSFW, sexual content and language.

Each week (Monday), Gio uploads a new episode. Featuring interviews with various kinky and/or sex-positive people, Gio explores all sorts of sex-positive topics.

His latest episode featured an interview with former sex worker and author Lola Davina.

This kink-centric podcast gives knowledge and information to people new to the kink scene, as well as those old dogs who know they can learn new tricks. The interviews are done in a light-hearted, and even comedic way with casual conversations with guests that are in the kink community as teachers, mentors, as well as just players.

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Please join us in welcoming Gio to the TPOK Family. At some point in the near future, I will sit down and talk to Gio on TPOK Live! to introduce you to him, and his show. I will let you know when this is scheduled.

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