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Written by on July 13, 2017

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Here’s the new site for the TPOK Radio and the expanded services that I am hoping will become part of the new TPOK Educational Network.

As you know, I’ve taken over management and ownership of TPOK Radio, but I wanted to expand what we offer. I want to be a go-to resource for educational material about Alternative Sexuality (including, but not limited to kink).

This whole change in management thing was unexpected and has been consuming a lot of my time. I’ve met with lawyers, accountants, the current hosts … and I think there is great potential for this network.

The greatest feature (in my opinion) is the forum. I want to create a community for hosts (I am calling them Affiliated Content Providers) and the audience. Right now, we have been interacting on FetLife (and that will continue), but not everyone who listens is a member of FL, nor do they all want to be. My vision goes beyond the kink community.

We have a new show under development, which will be joining us (hopefully) in August. The host is a former guest on Stereo-Typed, Nick Harding. He will be calling his show “The Sex Guy”. He’ll be answering questions about sex & sexuality, interviewing scholars, and discussing ethics. We are also going to be figuring out how to simulcast on Spreaker and Periscope. (He is based in the UK)

I’ll also be having Skype meetings with a couple of other shows/podcasts that have an established listenership. I am hoping that they will like what they see and hear and join our network.

The more, the merrier! Right?

Some of the future things I would like to see happen for TPOK:

  • Podcasts: I would like a mix of live and pre-recorded material. Most of the TPOK Radio audience listens to the archives anyways. So I don’t see why we can’t host podcasts that have a message in line with ours (reduce stigma, increase accessibility of education).
  • Bloggers: I am hoping to add print material. I may start cross-posting my Stereo-Typed posts on TPOK, but I don’t want to be the only voice. Each regular blogger will have a custom category, which will generate a custom page.
  • Videos: We will be starting with The Sex Guy’s Periscope videos, but it would be great if we eventually have a YouTube channel (or equivalent). Maybe we will someday have a YouTube channel!
  • Seminars (for the alt-sex community): Workshops and seminars on kink, relationship and other alt-sex topics for the alt-sex community
  • Seminars (for professionals): This one will be harder to do since it will require submitting the course descriptions to the professional associations for approval, but I think this is one way that we can really tackle stigma. I want to provide seminars (and webinars) for professionals (such as psychologists, sexologists, social workers) that helps them become more kink-aware and provides them with continuing education certificates. I especially want to create webinars and archives so that professionals in remote locations have access to the education without having to travel. Also, groups of professionals could stream the webinar in their office remotely and benefit from the knowledge.
  • Educator Directory: Educators and Speakers will be able to create a biography page and provide descriptions of the topics they are knowledgeable in and what courses/seminars they provide. They will also list their speaking fees. People who are looking for speakers for an event can come to TPOK’s site and find speakers. The negotiations will be between the speaker and event host.

As I mentioned, I want to (pod)cast the net beyond Kink. I also want to provide voices (or a platform) for different perspectives. Some of the programming I would love to add to the TPOK lineup are:

  • Different interest-centred shows … a Leather, lace & latex hour, furries/pet play, littles/bigs, rope. It is possible that we could have a single show that rotates through topics & hosts, or we could have different shows that broadcast every other week, but we schedule them at the same time. I prefer the idea of different shows because it allows for them to grow into a weekly show/cast.
  • TNG Programming
  • Alt-relationships/open relationships program
  • General Sexual Health Program
  • LGBTQ show (legal and social issues)
  • Trans show (could be part of the above, but I think there is room for a TPOK type of interview series … personal experiences with transitioning, discovering they are trans, etc)
  • Sex Workers show (if you want to learn what sex workers want/need, you gotta talk to sex workers – could cover all sorts of sex work – porn, prostitution, cam work, pro-Doms, fetish models/photographers)
  • POC programming, Sex & Disabilities programming, There are many intersectional topics that could be explored
  • Something similar to Dr Ley’s #NoMoreSexShame YouTube series – interviews with people who have experienced shaming or discrimination because of their sexuality
  • Any other subcultures or intersections that haven’t been addressed

There are also plans to have a section set aside for non-profit organisations that work in and with our community. Organisations that have a common goal or interest will be able to add a page to the network that describes the work they are doing. We will, of course, add a link to their main site, but we will also include a donation button so visitors to TPOK’s site can donate directly to the charity/non-profit from our site. (Note: this money will go directly to the NFP.)

Basically, if it has to do with sex, especially Alternative Sexuality, there is a place for it here at TPOK Educational Network.

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