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Written by on July 31, 2017

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TPOK Educational Network is ready to do some educating!

It has been a couple of weeks of trying this and trying that, but I believe the site is now ready to be what it is meant to be. A network. A collaboration of bloggers, podcasters, and we can even host video (well, I assume we can, we have a YouTube channel!) Now all we need is … maybe you?

In order to become what I’ve envisioned, we need more content. Lots more content! And that’s where each and every one of you come into the equation.

Historical recap

TPOK stands for “The People of Kink”, a podcast that started in 2012. From that grew TPOK Radio. And now, I would like to go beyond the “k”. We are hosting all of the archived episodes (and new additions) here on the site. There are over 400 episodes between all of the shows with more coming weekly!

Going beyond the “k”

I would like to provide entertainment and education about all manners of alternative sexualities. Whether that is BDSM, alternative relationships, or the intersection of sex with various minorities. But, there is more than that … kinky and alt-sex people are people. So, they have relationship concerns and health issues. Now we are getting somewhere. Health, relationships, sex and alternative sexualities.

What can you do?

Come on, help make a girl’s vision a reality … This is meant to be an interactive space with a core goal of educating about sex (in all its various forms) and reducing stigma about alternative sexuality. When I dream, I dream big!

Become a member

That is the easiest step. You don’t actually need to register. You can listen to our archived shows and read the blog entries without being a member, but I am aiming for a community vibe here. You do have to be a member to comment on any of the blogs.

Speaking of blogs!

If you click on the “Provide some content” link, you will see that we have a few open blogs. These also don’t require membership. You can post anonymously. Keep in mind, we are trying to reduce stigma and perhaps the greatest tool (especially when it comes to self-discovery) is learning that you aren’t alone. That was the focus of the original podcast and it is one I would like to continue.

Taking the blogging to a new level.

Why not have your own blog on the network? If you are an educator or someone who works with alternative sexualities, we want your input. If you are someone who identifies with alternative sexualities, guess what? You have valuable insight too. If you request a blog, we will set aside a special space for you. You even get to name your blog! And … you will get a direct link to it so you can send your friends, family and clients. Your address will be something like myblog.tpok.network. Along with the special space and address, you will also have special front end submission forms so you don’t have to deal with the WordPress backend. Initially, all blog entries will be saved as “pending review”, but once you get a hang of submitting a post, I will change your access to directly post. I am looking at a few applications that will allow you to edit your own posts as well.

There are no limits on how much, or how little, you post.

Feed the network.

You might already have a blog that deals in these areas. Great! We wouldn’t want you to go through the trouble of cross-posting your work here. For one thing, it will result in comments on multiple sites. Who wants that?

If your blog has a feed, I can import your posts directly into a syndicated blog space. It’ll have the same name as your existing blog, but it will only post excerpts with a link back to your original post. That way, people can get an idea of what you are saying and visit your site to read the rest. I have tested the RSS feed on my own blog and it appears to be functioning well.

The benefits of blogging for TPOK.

Well, beyond the eventual community that I hope to build, it gives you more exposure. All of the posts will be shared on social media through the TPOK accounts. If you supply your handles, I’ll make sure to tag you in the posts so you can also share you re-post. We have accounts on 11 social media/micro-blogging sites. That is a fair bit of exposure. Plus, you will get a link back to your site which Google and other search engines like.

But, I confess. The greatest benefit will be ours. The entire TPOK Educational Network community will benefit from your insight.

Podcasts and Live Shows

TPOK has no intention of abandoning its roots. We will continue to provide podcast archives and our live shows (broadcast through Spreaker). If you have a podcast, or ever dreamt of having one, we can host your show. At.no.cost.to.you. Our account with Spreaker allows us unlimited storage and bandwidth. That means I can load it up. And I want to. We have over 400 episodes in our archives already. They mainly deal with kink (and that is a good start … we will continue to add kink-related material). I would like to have shows dealing with relationships (especially non-conventional ones), professional sex workers (their experiences and struggles), intersections of sex with different groups of people, sex in different cultures, secular sexuality, as well as, sacred sexuality. Gender issues, feminism and sexuality, men’s issues. Legal implications and struggles, philosophy, ethics, etc. Oh, and there is always room for shows that are focused on a particular fetish or kink activity!

If it isn’t what the majority are doing, or they won’t admit they are doing … I want to have podcasts and blogs addressing it!

Again, there are a number of automatic sharing settings with the podcasts and live shows. They will also be blasted out to the 11 accounts when they are added to this site.

What do you get?

You’ll have a stylish show profile, episode archive, and blog space. This also comes with a direct link to your show’s profile. You also get unlimited hosting. You can produce as many episodes as you want. You could do a daily show and we won’t mind. And, if you wanted to do the occasional live airing, we can make that happen (as long as we can work around the existing live schedule). You can monetize your show to your heart’s content (and that money is yours). You can also have a patreon account and we will add it to your show profile. What we do ask is that you mention the Title Sponsor of the network (Church of Sinvention) and play a TPOK Stinger at the beginning of your show. We also ask that your content is sex-positive and non-shaming. Otherwise, it doesn’t really fit into our culture.

A big question …

Who owns the content? In most cases, I can say with certainty that you own it 100%. If you decide to leave, you can take your content with you. Though we don’t put any restrictions on your joining other networks and free hosting …

However, if you join us and we develop a show together, your intro will likely be made using licenced music through an agreement that we have with Epidemic Sounds. We are allowed to use it for as long as we are subscribers. If the contract with them lapses (or you pull your show from the network), we have to stop producing new shows with that music. You would not, however, have to go back through the archives and remove the audio.

Your iTunes feed is your iTunes feed. Your intellectual property (i.e. interviews) are yours.

Inactive podcasts

There are a lot of podcasts that, for one reason or another, stopped production. They contain some great content! If you, or someone you know, has one of these shows collecting dust somewhere, why not move it over to the network? We will add a network stinger to the beginning of the files before loading them on the server and you can be happy knowing that they are being kept safe and sound. Additionally, when we get more content, we will be looking at automating social media sharing of our archives. So new listeners might listen to your episodes. And, if you ever decide to pick up that ball again, we will be here to help make that happen.

Future enhancements

As the site gains traction, we are looking at adding a Speaker/Educator directory, an Alt-Sex-Friendly Professional directory, and Events Promotions. These will all be paid services, however, there will be discounted pricing (possibly even free) if you are an Affiliated Content Provider. For example, bloggers who are professionals will not pay to be listed. They will also get a free banner add on their posts for their practice. Educators will be able to promote the events where they are speaking without buying an events package. Fundraisers for nonprofits and no charge community events (such as munches) will be promoted without charge. I don’t have a projected date for these additional services. Right now, I am focused on getting the community going and filling it with wonderful content providers.

Another valid question …

How does TPOK make its money? Currently, it is running at a loss. We have a title sponsor who is wonderful to us and they cover most of the broadcasting costs. Eventually, I will be selling ad space on the site. Don’t worry! I won’t be going overboard! I loath going to those sites that have a paragraph of relevant text and everything else is advertising. Where you may see ads is in the sidebars, a banner at the top of posts and ads in the footer. We may insert a banner ad into the middle of blog archive listings, but the page will still be mostly content. Since I will be selling the ad space based on impressions, I may have more ads displaying for non-members (or members who aren’t logged in).

Oh yeah, if you’d like to advertise on the network, please contact me! We have two possibilities. Print ads on the site and radio spots on the live shows. (We currently have 3 weekly shows based in Canada with large US followings and a new fortnightly show will be joining us based in the UK. We will be experimenting with cross-platform simulcasting on periscope and Spreaker. Exciting times!)

At some point, I would like to add a shop. Maybe work out some affiliate programs. The usual ways that a website makes money.

As I mentioned before, I am also exploring other services that can be added that will generate some income. I am not looking to get rich off of the network, but covering the costs and having some pocket change for my time would be splendid! If it ever gets to the point where there is a large surplus of money rolling in, I will be looking at some method of sharing those profits with the contributors who are providing fresh content to the site (i.e. profit sharing would not apply to historic podcasts or syndicated columns).

And I think I have said enough.

If you have questions, you can reach me through the forum (Camille Beaujolie), FetLife (AuntieSocial), Twitter (currently, the network account is most likely to get my attention), or email (use the comment form below). Of course, the comments section of this post is open … you can use that too, if you are a registered member.


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