Week in Review: July 16-22, 2017

Written by on July 23, 2017

In case you missed them, this is a listing of the TPOK Educational Podcasts and Radio Shows that were released during the week of July 16-22, 2017 (in date order)

The 3rd Rail Episode 54: The Birthday Show – Show Profile

Oh yea… Self aggrandizement at Its best.

You grossly underestimate my ego if you thought otherwise.
Then again, I often joke that “I am quite shy, I just over compensate real well.”

In fact, that it may be true, is readily dismissed, after all, one personal perception is that confidence or ease of speech would negate there being anything akin to a mental illness, be it temporary, congenital or circumstantial in nature.

Life requires active participation in all aspects of it.

Be it by choice or influence, if we neglect one, all become unbalanced.

When we care for those afflicted, we really do not understand what we are in for nor can we truly grasp what they are experiencing when we promise to do so.

Until we try, ill equipped though we may be, to cope, let alone know how to best help them cope.

The frustration, uncertainty, doubt.

Triggers that cascade upon themselves until nothing but numbing, paralyzing confusion is all that is left.

A loud disorienting cacophony of unprocessed experiences and information that blinds, deafens and mutes one to all but the most drastic of help, all while navigating what must surely be nothing more than a comedy of errors.

If only I could make it stop!

Inspired by recent events and a writing by @ SpanishRed titled “Don’t Stick Your Dick in Crazy”, conversely, I have advised to not let crazy stick their dick in you.

Neither statement is pc, yet to many it is perhaps the closest drop down menu option for what they have experienced.
something to chew on.

We will also have @AuntieSocial along to discuss TPOK Network and all the stuff planed for the future of our world domination strategy.

And of course, my bday in three days, midlife crisis at defcon 4… yada yada yada

Also, I hear we have a new website so maybe we will take a quick tour and talk Pixie through the registration process and our listeners can also give it a go, kind of like beta test only different.

Stereo-Typed Episode 31: Gorean Lifestyle with Malebranche – Show Profile

Malebranche joined Camille to discuss the roots, history and reality of the Gorean Lifestyle and philosophy.

This is a joint episode – Stereo-Typed #31 & Fetish Philes #4

Fetish Philes Episode 4: Gorean Lifestyle with Malebranche – Show Profile

Originally posted as Stereo-Typed Episode 31


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