Week in Review: February 19-25, 2017

Written by on February 26, 2017

In case you missed them, this is a listing of the TPOK Educational Podcasts and Radio Shows that were released during the past week: February 19-25, 2017 (in date order)

TPOK Live! Episode 44: How to find a Play Partner or D/s Partner – Show Profile

On this week’s episode we discuss how to find people to play with or how to find a D/s or M/s relationship. We will talk about how to prepare yourself, what questions to ask yourself and what are the difference between needs and wants. Your profile and determine how people see you like a the book of a cover. Do you have pics that describe you and what you like? There are many things to figure out before you even get out to munches and events.

The 3rd Rail Episode 39: Ableism in Kink – Show Profile

This is a topic that was requested by a listener and we’re happy take suggestions on show topics so please, feel free to reach out to myself or @PreacherBear if there’s a legit topic you’d like to hear on The 3rd Rail.

Some of us consider the kink community to be one of the most open minded communities around but are we doing enough to be accommodating to our fellow kinksters with physical or mental limitations?

Are our public and private play spaces accessible for people with physical limitations? Are legally registered guide dogs or companion animals allowed in these spaces? Do dress codes sometimes impede those without the resources or ability to wear fetish wear? Are there quiet spaces available for those with certain social anxieties or do they just need to continue to go outside?

Stereo-Typed Episode 17: Sex, Depression and Relationships – Show Profile

Sex and depression are two taboo subjects. We need to talk about them, especially where they intersect.

Depression affects many of us. And, it could affect our sex lives in a variety of ways. If you have “sexual side effects” due to depression, know that you are not alone.

JoEllen Notte joins me to talk about her research into sex and depression. You can read more about her, including her writings about this topic on her award winning website,http://www.redheadbedhead.com/

The Pageist Episode 45: Girl on the Net – No longer part of the network

Episode the forty-fifth; Wherein the Pageist explains why darning socks is so fascinating and freaks out over humans. The book reviewed this episode is Girl on the Net: How a Bad Girl Fell in Love by Girl on the Net.



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