I Will Judge You

Written by on August 17, 2017

I’m going to judge you.

Yes, there I’ve said it. And really I am going to judge you. And you’ll judge me. And that’s ok.

I’m going to come to conclusions about you based on my observations of you and the interactions we have. I’m going to use my judgment in deciding how future interactions with you will or will not go based on what I’ve seen occur in the past.

We all do it. All the time. We all judge. What else do we really have to go on without ESP or omnipotence? I can’t know what you are thinking unless you share in words or deeds. I can only go on what you put out to the universe that I can observe. And I’m going to make a positive, neutral or negative judgment about you based on that.

I am not much for taking other people’s judgments and making them my own. Actually, I’m not about that at all. I can think for myself thanks! Going on hearsay would be poor judgment on my part.

And as my judgment of you is an internal thing you’ll not necessarily know what decision I’ve come to unless I act on my judgment. Judgment in that way is like respect. I can hold you in respect or disrespect but you’ll only know which based on my actions. It’s not about how I feel about someone, it’s how I decide to act upon it.

If the judgment of someone is positive a positive response normally follows – a friendship is made and/or a pleasant interaction is had, and all is good. No one tends to have much issue with these sort of interactions. We tend to treat people well when our judgment of them is positive.

Judgment gets a bad name as some people forget their manners and act like jerks when they’ve made a negative judgment about someone. I think we see more of it when people can hide behind the computer screen. They forget that those they are communicating with are more than pixels on a screen – they are real people who they are hurting with their actions.

I worry more about actions of people than about how they judge me. In the end, it’s their actions that will impact me, not their thoughts.



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