About TPOK Educational Network

Going Beyond the "K"

The Future of TPOK

TPOK (The People of Kink) started as a podcast that demonstrated that those of us who are kinky are not alone. With 100s of interviews with kinky people saved for perpetuity, now is a good time to take this to a new level.

Kink, or BDSM, is only one aspect of our sexualities and we would like to extend our education beyond kink.

While the kink community will always be an important part of our lives (many of the people involved in TPOK Educational Network are self-described kinksters), we believe that there is so much potential in exploring all aspects of sexuality under the TPOK name.

We would like to take our message and services to a wider audience. The core goal of the network (and TPOK Radio, which will continue) is to educate and reduce stigma. We would like to see this go beyond kink and cover all aspects of sexuality.

Crazy Heart has been around for more than a decade in kink. Her experiences have been varied and extensive on both sides of the slash. She has had the good fortune of learning from some really talented and wonderful people over the years. Over time she began to feel like she needed to give back to the community that had been so kind to her.

On June 17, 2012, The People of Kink Podcast was born. Crazy Heart interviewed kinksters of all walks of life and experience levels. The first question was always the same…”What is your earliest memory of kink?” From that beginning point, the interview wove its way through the guest’s kinky history. Every story told on the podcast proves that there is no “one true way” to do kink. Each guest got to add their story to the fabric of kink in our times.

The podcast was only the beginning of what she saw in her mind. In 2016, she took TPOK in a new direction by starting an online streaming radio station called TPOK Radio. Now kinky people can connect with Crazy Heart and TPOK live.

Shortly after the launch of TPOK Live!, Crazy Heart was joined with a second show. Then a third and a fourth.

All of this has been driven by her absolute desire to help people and to, most importantly, give them a voice. Kink moves ever closer to being mainstream every day. The most important piece of the puzzle is the only one that matters…

The Real People of Kink in our times.

Our primary mission is to create a go-to resource about Sex, Sexuality and Alternative Sexuality. Our goal is to:

  • reduce stigma and provide education about Alternative Sexuality, and sex in general, to a wide audience, not limited to those who identify as kinky.
  • build a network of Affiliated Content Providers who share this mission.
  • highlight non-profit organisations who share the goal of education and stigma-reduction through our Community Outreach Program
  • employ a multi-media approach to sexual education, including podcasts, live shows, videos and blogs.
  • bring educational opportunities to local communities either through live workshops and seminars or through a video library for more remote communities/kinksters.

We would like to build upon the brand recognition of TPOK and expand the services we offer to the Alternative Sexuality community.

This is a long-term plan and will be rolled out in phases.

Initially, we are working on adding to the content provided by TPOK Radio. However, we will not be solely focused on live radio shows.

Podcasters – we would like to host your show. As a bonus, you have the option of doing occasional live shows, if you wish (provided the air time doesn’t conflict with an existing live show).

Live Radio Hosts – of course, there is always room for additional live shows. If you have a concept in mind, we would love to hear from you.

Bloggers – We would like to have a collection of blogs with regular contributors. The content you provide should deal with sex, relationships or alternative sexuality. There is a lot of freedom within those topics to create a unique focus (Legal issues, a particular Alt-Sex community, sexual health), or you can take a generalised approach. Regular contributors will have an author box on your posts and we will create a special “Category” so your posts can be separated out. We will also create an author page that will link back to your blog (if you have one of your own).

Educator Directory – This is a future service we would like to provide. Educators will have a bio page that details what courses/workshops they offer. Individuals who are looking at hosting a workshop will have a one-stop place where they can look through the topics that are available, the costs associated with hiring one of the listed educators, and all of the information they will need to contact the educator to book their services. Note: TPOK will not be involved in scheduling or booking seminars (other than those we host).

Alternative Sexuality Professional Marketplace – Similar to the Educator Directory, we plan to also have a directory for professionals (psychologists, sexologists, therapists, etc) who are kink-friendly and aware of the needs of the Alternative Sexuality and LGBTQ+ Community.

Please click on the “Join Us!” button on the menu bar to get more information about any of these opportunities.

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