Have an Alt-Sex Podcast? Can we help you?

Hey, Podcasters and Radio Show Hosts!

  1. Are you a sex-positive podcaster?
  2. Are you the host of a live internet radio show?
  3. Do you have a kink or alternative sexuality friendly show?
  4. Do you want to have a podcast or live internet radio show?

If you answered yes …

  1. Are you paying for podcast hosting?
  2. How much is that costing you each month? Is it a considerable expense?
  3. Can you do live broadcasts if you want?
  4. What limits are placed on your storage and bandwidth?

From my research (asking other podcasters), the annual expense seems to be in the neighbourhood of $100 (or more).

Podbean’s lowest account is $3/month with 100 MB Storage and 100 GB bandwidth/month. Libsyn’s is $5/month with only 50 MB of storage. Blubrry offers Unlimited bandwidth for $12/month, but only allows 100 MB of storage at that price point.

What could you do with an additional $36-$144 per year? Assuming the lowest accounts are sufficient for your on-going storage needs …

TPOK Educational Network Inc. “TPOK” might be able to help you!

Hi there! My name is Camille Beaujolie (or AuntieSocial) and I recently assumed control of the TPOK Radio network, which includes the following podcasts/shows:

  • The People of Kink (started in 2012)
  • TPOK Mini Podcasts (covering various kink-related topics)
  • TPOK Live! (the first radio show, started in 2016, still being used for special broadcasts and roundtable discussions)
  • Journeys and Brooklyn’s Journey (both are archived on the site)
  • The 3rd Rail (live – started 2016 & on-going)
  • The Rainbow Connection (live – started 2016 & on-going)
  • Stereo-Typed (live – started in 2016 & on-going)
  • The Sex Guy (live & pre-recorded – started in 2017 & on-going)
  • Stereo-Typed’s Fetish Philes (started in 2017 – will be rolled out as its own show soon)

We have the top level account on Spreaker, we have unlimited storage and bandwidth. We are able to broadcast live as many hours as there are in a day, and we can upload pre-recorded podcast episodes.

Since assuming control, I have decided to take TPOK in additional directions. We are still The People of Kink, but we are so much more than that, and I would like to address all aspects of sexuality and sex education. I don’t just want to be about kink (although, I look at “Kink” as being anything the majority of people aren’t doing, or won’t admit to doing … so pretty much anything that isn’t Vanilla Cis-Het Sex is Alternative in my mind.)

  • I want to develop a go-to resource on anything to do with sex.
  • I am currently working on a comprehensive glossary of sex and sexual health terms. I will be looking for pictures and videos to add to the glossary definitions.
  • I am actively seeking people to add to the blog (with their own dedicated “category” and a direct link to their archives). I can syndicate a blog using an RSS feed so that people don’t need to double post. (I do this with my own show’s site.)
  • I have been speaking with podcasters about hosting their archives.
  • There are glaring holes in what we offer by way of content. I want this to cover all sorts of sexuality topics … sex education … sexual health … intersections of marginalized persons (LGBTQ+, POC, Differently Abled, Mental Health) with sex … We are still interested in kink, absolutely, but are really excited about adding new areas of sexual information to our resources

I have decided that I would like to extend the invitation to any podcasts that have a positive outlook on sexuality, especially if it is of an educational nature, to host your audio files.

Intellectual Property

You would be considered an “Affiliated Content Provider”. TPOK makes no claim to your content. In fact, if you were to take us up on our hosting offer, you could leave at any time and we will do what we can to help you move your files to another host.

  1. TPOK owns the platform (this website) and the Spreaker account where we store the audio files.
  2. If we create any music for you (intro, stinger, outro), the licence we have with Epidemic Sounds allows us to continue using the music as long as we are subscribers. What that means to you, is that if you do leave the network, you would need to cease using the audio we created. You do not, however, have to remove it from existing files.
  3. If we contract a designer to create a logo for you, we will negotiate that the ownership goes to the show, not TPOK. This way, you will be able to continue to use the logo.

What is expected of you?

If you are currently inactive, skip to #6, 7 & 8 – of course, we could assist with starting your show back up!

  1. Create sex-positive material on a regular basis. This can be either pre-recorded podcast episodes or if there is no conflict in the live schedule, you can produce live shows.
  2. Upload your new edited podcast episodes to Spreaker (login will be provided). You can use whatever editing software you are comfortable using (I use Audacity for Fetish Philes, for example). (Your archives will likely be transferred via RSS feed)
  3. Live shows: initially I can produce your live shows (especially if it is only an occasional occurrence), but if you are regularly broadcasting live, I will teach you how to produce a live show using the Spreaker Console.
  4. Live Shows should mention Church of Sinvention and play their ad during the broadcast. Podcasts don’t need to play the ad, but mentioning them in your opening comments with your other sponsors would be nice since they do pay for the Spreaker account. Obviously, if your show is not kink-centric, this would be optional, but the more traffic we send their way (and TPOK listeners receive a 10% discount if they use the TPOK10 code), the happier they are with our relationship.
  5. Add a Content Disclaimer to the front end of your new episodes. This basically states that the views are yours and your guests and do not necessarily reflect those of TPOK Educational Network and other Affiliated Content Providers. (Note: there is no need to add it to your archived episodes.) Note: You can create a generic one if you wish, but for my personal comfort, I need this.
  6. We will add a pre-roll stinger to the Spreaker site that says “You’re listening to <YourShow> on TPOK Radio”. This only plays when people listen through a Spreaker app, embedded player or the Spreaker site, and does not get added to the actual archive file.
  7. Optional: Add “Archives hosted by TPOK Educational Network” to your logo.
  8. If you have a website, add a link to this website. (I would suggest linking directly to your show’s profile.)
  9. We will need some artwork (1400 px sq logo, minimum 400 sq, 982 x 275 banner image for the show profile and blog) and biographical information for your show profile. We need a short description of the show, as well as a longer one (you can also include host bios). Your Patreon page, Twitter, other social media and RSS feed. Check out SampleShow.TPOK.Network for what is needed and where it goes.

Sample Content Disclaimer on the front-end of my show, Stereo-Typed.

What TPOK provides:

For the most part, TPOK will be acting as a podcast hosting site with an added educational component.

  1. Unlimited hosting and bandwidth through our Spreaker account.
  2. Separate Spreaker Show Profile for your show. Here’s my Stereo-Typed show, as an example. This will create an embeddable playlist for your show.
  3. A Show Profile on TPOK.Network with a direct link to your show. For example, see Stereo-Typed.TPOK.Network.
  4. Individual podcast episode pages. Guess what? I have a sample from my show …
  5. A blog and customized submission form. All blog posts will be set to “Pending Approval”. I check the pending posts on a regular basis (at least once daily) and approve them as soon as possible.
  6. If your show takes questions from the listeners, or if you just need an email address for your show, we can provide one, yourshow@tpok.network. We can also embed a contact form into your show profile. Nick Harding’s The Sex Guy is a good example of this. He has askthesexguy@tpok.network as an email address and the form sends the feedback to that account. You would need to add the address to your existing email client. Or, I can have the form directed to your existing show email address.
  7. New: We have now set up a voicemail service. Listeners can leave a question or message (up to 5 minutes) which can be downloaded in mp3 format, so it can easily be inserted into your show.
  8. All podcast episodes and blog posts are shared on social media through the TPOK accounts (Twitter, Facebook (my profile and the TPOK page), Tumblr, Medium, Pinterest, Flickr, Diigo, Reddit, Blog Lovin’). Additionally, podcast episodes will be advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Sound Cloud, YouTube and Tumbler.
  9. “From the Archives” posts will be scheduled, reposting old material and podcasts to social media to keep the conversation going and your material in front of the TPOK audience.
  10. Spreaker is one of the few hosting platforms that will submit to iHeartRadio. I will automatically submit your show if it meets the following criteria: minimum of 5 publically posted episodes and the most recent episode is less than two weeks ago.
  11. Listener Analytics.
  12. Other Spreaker benefits can be seen in the chart below.
  13. Speaker/Educator Directory (future feature): At some point in the future, we will be adding a directory for speakers and educators. This will be a paid service for those who wish to be listed (I am thinking something like $25 Cdn per year.) Affiliated Content Providers will be listed at no charge. When I have worked out the details, I will make an announcement post.

In addition to the podcast and blog hosting, TPOK Educational Network will (hopefully) be a great resource for those wanting to learn about sex and sexuality.

Other Sites/Networks/Monetization

Since TPOK is mainly acting as a podcast hosting platform (with blog capabilities and added educational material), we have no restrictions or expectations of exclusivity.

  • If you have your own site, by all means, continue to use it as you are now. You can use the Spreaker embedded player on your site. We will still be creating a podcast episode page here as another point of exposure. We will also link to your site on your show profile.
  • If you are part of a network, especially one that doesn’t pay for your hosting, that isn’t a problem for us. While we would like it if you added a note on your logo that your files are hosted by us, that is optional. What we do ask is that you add a note on your site or the episode notes, that we are hosting your files. It would be spiffy if you mention us in your show.
  • If you are part of another network and do not want to add the Content Disclaimer (because it specifies TPOK), we would be satisfied with a generic disclaimer that doesn’t mention us by name.
  • Hey! If the other shows are also sex-positive, maybe we can save the other hosts of the network some quid too!
  • As noted above, if you have a Patreon, let us know and we will add a button to your Show Profile and Episode Posts.
  • And … you can add as many sponsors or advertising that you wish. We would never dream of reducing your cash flow. We only ask that you mention our Title Sponsor in your show and/or the show notes. We will be adding a print ad to the Episode Posts.

You may be wondering …

How does TPOK make money??

Simple answer … Currently, we do not.

How do we plan to make money? We are an incorporated company, after all.

  1. Title Sponsor – currently pays for the Spreaker costs
  2. Affiliate Advertising (you will see ads on the site … these are affiliate links which pay us some commission from sales)
  3. At some point, I will create a Patreon for the network.
  4. Business and Speaker Directories – basically, we will sell advertising space. We will not get involved in booking the speakers (unless we are hiring one for our seminars)
  5. Seminars and Webinars – TPOK used to host seminars and demonstrations. I would like to start that up again. In theory, they will be monthly (in Toronto to start) September to May.
  6. Professional Development – We (collectively) have a lot of knowledge about Alternative Sexuality. I would like to host continuing education seminars for professionals who might someday encounter one of us during the course of business. Professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, sexologists and social workers.
  7. Commissioned Educational Books, etc. (This is probably just a dream, but I envision “Safer Sex” kits and 101 books.)

NOTE: There will never be ads for porn sites or pornographic images on the site. While we are sex positive and pro-sexual choice, we are an educational network. Academic discussions about porn and sex work have and will happen on the show and blogs, however, if we link to a guest’s website, we will use a text link or a safe for work image.

Profit Sharing

Oh, yes, we do plan on being profitable at some point. Profit sharing will start when I have a year’s worth of operating expenses in the bank account. Any amount above this baseline will be considered profit for the purposes of the sharing. I will be sharing 50% of the profits that are generated from advertising and affiliate programs (payable every 6-months) to all of the Affiliated Content Providers. Keep in mind that I do have two shareholders who have also loaned the company money. I suspect that they expect to be paid back at some time.

Some of the profits are also earmarked for the development of future services offered by the network, such as community seminars/webinars, professional development seminars and a physical network location. Once these services are rolled out, they should be self-sustaining.

I haven’t worked out exactly how it will work, but it will be something like:

  • For each episode and/or blog post you make (to a maximum of 5/month), you will receive a share.
  • For each episode you appear on as a guest, you will receive a share (to encourage cross-promotion). If you appear on a show that is not a part of the network, you will need to send me a note with a link to the show. I will create a podcast episode on your show profile either embedding or linking to the external show. This will allow me to log the appearance.
  • If you are transferring a long-running show, you will receive a share for each of your historic episodes.
  • Each share has no monetary value, instead, they are like pieces of a pie. The more shares that are issued, the smaller the pieces of the pie, but the more shares you have the more pieces of pie you will get.
  • Example 1: $100 profit to be shared. 100 shares issued. You have 10 shares. You would receive $10. (100/100×10)
  • Example 2: $500 profit to be shared. 1000 shares issued. You have 250 shares. You would receive $125 (500/1000×250)

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