Ep. 44 – It’s Aftercare!

Hosted by PreacherBear & Cypress

Episode Description

Are you a practitioner?



Aldous Huxley?

What the hell is it anyway?

I wonder if it is a universal law of kink or something.

Thanks to my partner in crime @Cypress for the kickstart.

So, is it pandering to bleeding heart special snowflakes or just a fancy schmancy way of saying; “Hey, thanks for letting me open up a can o’ whoop ass on you. How you holding up?”?

Oh, and let’s not leave the bottoms out of this.

Is; “Hey, thanks for opening up a can o’ whoop ass on me. How you holding up?”, its equivalent?

Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

Apparently, it’s the topic du jour for fetpundits far and wide.

Join us for some off the cuff fun and chat along.

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