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Episode Description

It sounds like the motto of a masochistic, service-oriented, submissive, doesn’t it? And, it could very well be, but it isn’t what we’ll be talking about on Episode 11 of Stereo-Typed. I’ll be talking about charity … and to representatives of a charity that is well known on FetLife.

On Wednesday, November 30th, I will be talking to the co-founders of a registered charity that raises funds to support animal causes (our original furry friends), through innovative means, such as an online auction with kinky items donated by members of our local and online communities.  For the purposes of this show, we will be calling them “Kinksters for Critters” (KfC) (more on that later).  If you are a member of FetLife, you can visit their profile (in the links below).

Why am I doing an episode on KfC? What does that have to do with stereotypes or assumptions or anything else that is related to this show? Well, I can give you a number of reasons … and they might go as follows:

  1. Our money is perceived as dirty, or less green, than non-kink, non-adult companies and/or organizations … banks and fundraisers are happy to take our money, as long as it isn’t tainted with our sexual interests (i.e., we donate anonymously, or in the name of a “social club”). If you want more information about this, I would like to direct your attention to a writing/rant by phi-is-me (the link is down below).
  2. There is a presumption that kinky people are all about sex, or kink, or sex and kink, but kink doesn’t exist in a bubble. I have said that before, and I will, undoubtedly, say it again. As a kinky person, I have interests outside of kink. There are some people who believe that non-kinky subjects don’t belong on FetLife or a kink-centred radio show … but politics and charitable causes are a part of our lives, and as a kinky person, that means they are a part of my life.
  3. I can talk about “Community in action” and that the success of the KfC auctions on FetLife is proof of what can be accomplished when we come together to work towards a common, and worthy, goal.
    I can easily use any, or all, of these as a justification for why this topic fits into the show’s focus … but they are just that, justifications. I could rant about the unjust views of kinksters in mainstream society, I could rave about the positive influence that Fetlebrity status and frequent trips to K&P can have on a cause, but I don’t want to. I am, quite frankly, politic’d-out at the moment. Instead, I want to focus on the spirit of giving … the importance of charity and of helping those in need.

This is a charity that I have supported, and continue to support. It is a charity that was founded by kinksters, just like you and me, because they saw a need and wanted to do something good in this world. In the past, I have helped acquire items for their auction, I have promoted the organization, I have donated money to the cause. As Crazy_Heart has said in the past, this is my soapbox … and, if you will grant me the indulgence, I want to use it to raise awareness of Kinksters for Critters and their upcoming auction, which is filled with kinky products and services, some of which can only be found in the auction.

On November 30th, I will be joined by NaughtyHotty and liquiderotica, the co-founders of Kinksters for Critters.
Who knows, maybe Mr_Cocky will pop up for an appearance. Oh, wait, this is a radio show, and he is a silent-type, so you won’t be able to see him if he does. Hey, a girl can dream about having more cocky in her life, can’t she? But, seriously, if you scroll through the pictures on Mr Cocky’s profile on FetLife, you will see that
a) he is a huge supporter of the charity, and
b) dick pics can be creative and fun.

Of course, Crazy_Heart will be working away in the background in the “production booth” and she will likely be in the company of her new critter pal, Bubba.

We will be talking about the history of the organization, some of their success stories, and most importantly, how you can help make a difference in the lives of some critters who need some loving.

There is one thing that I need to make a note of … remember my justification #1? Well, that is real. For some reason, a charitable organization that does great work outside of kink circles can be adversely affected if they are associated with adult activities. Because of this reality, we will not be using the actual name of the charity on the show (if you want that information, it is available on FetLife). Instead, we will be referring to it as “Kinksters For Critters”. Remember, even though kink has become a mainstream topic, not everyone who is involved with kink can be out about it … and it is very important that we protect and maintain the vanilla appearance of the organization because the work they do is vanilla.

And, as an added incentive to listen in on the episode, there will be a pair of Mr Cocky mugs given to one lucky listener.  Details of the contest will be posted on a separate entry. If you are joining us for the live broadcast, participating in the live chat could earn you a second ballot!

About Kinksters for Critters

A silent promise made to Ginger (a beloved cat) when he died and brought to reality with the help of some wonderful people.

KfC is the kink-related name for a small, grassroots non-profit corporation that supports animal rescues, shelters, sanctuaries and foundations across the globe working to save the lives of needy critters.

Since its inception in 2014, the charity has raised over $95,000 and donated 100% of the proceeds to more than 200 animal charities worldwide. A feat attributed to the charity’s amazing supporters.

While KfC’s goal of helping animals is purely vanilla, their fundraising efforts aren’t always. Featuring kink-related products and services from generous artisans, service providers, toymakers and more, a bi-annual auction is conducted on FetLife.

KfC’s next auction begins December 9th at 8 am PST and concludes December 11th at 2 pm PST. All of the bidding is conducted online, which makes supporting a good cause while gaining the opportunity to buy some pretty awesome merchandise, super easy. (The items that are up for bid in the auction can be seen by browsing the pictures on the charity’s profile on FetLife).

Relevant Links: (there is more information available on the FetLife discussion thread)

  • Kinksters for Critters: Your source for Mr. Cocky mugs, because who doesn’t want to have a little bit of cocky in the morning?
  • FetLife profile: requires membership on FetLife to view the contents
  • “Let Adults be Adult” by Oh, that Phi – (Linked with permission)
  • FetLife Discussion for this episode: as noted above, we are keeping a wall between the kinky and vanilla activities of the organization – if you are a member of FetLife, you can find out more information there.

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