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Written by on November 13, 2017

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Community Dungeons

We have a long history, in Toronto, of having a Community Dungeon at the large Sex Shows. This year will be no different.

A Community Dungeon is a safe space for those curious or new to kink to come ask their questions. Volunteers from the local community (and beyond) will be available to provide answers and short demonstrations.

Community Dungeons Work!

It was at one of these shows, Sexapalooza, that I experienced my first flogging at someone else’s hand. I had been self-flagellating for years but hadn’t experienced the thrill of having someone else wield the implement. It was this experience that introduced me to the local community and lead me down this wonderful path that ultimately saw me with a radio show (and an entire network).

My experience isn’t unlike many. I went through the dungeon three times before I had the courage to actually watch a demonstration. A man was teaching someone how to flog. I watched in awe and when the Demo Top asked if anyone had questions, a voice arose in me and I heard myself asking:

“Where can I get me one of them?”

“One of what,” he asked.

“A man who will hit me.” My husband, who has no interest in BDSM was standing inches away from me at the time.

Within minutes, I was negotiating my limits and safeword (which was broccoli). I then had the most intense experience I had had to date. The flogging itself wasn’t over-the-top. It was definitely the top-end of a demonstration intensity. But to me … yeah, I had never felt the energy exchange between myself and another before. I was hooked.


Since then, I have volunteered at both of the major shows in Toronto, when time permitted. And it is a wonderful experience to meet people who are viewing something I am passionate about with child’s eyes. That sense of curiousness and bewilderment.

Many of the hosts on TPOK Radio attend these events. I have volunteered alongside PreacherBear and Pixie, Cypress and rainbow. I know the folx on Kinky Queer Revolution do similar volunteer work in the San Francisco area. It is a way for us to give back to a community that has given us so much. A sense of freedom. A home. A tribe.


This year, the Ontario-based hosts of TPOK Radio shows will be attending the Everything To Do With Sex Show in support of our Community Dungeon. We will have some of our recording equipment with us and will be interviewing some of the other volunteers and potentially some of those who are just discovering their interests.

Ideally, we will be broadcasting on & off from the venue, but I am still working out the logistics. If we can’t stream the audio, we will be uploading the interviews to TPOK Live.

Come on down and meet us!

Get your tickets in advance by visiting

Listen to rainbow’s interview with one of the organizers of the Community Dungeon and Marketplace, smashy:

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