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Written by on July 17, 2017

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Hello, Everyone! Welcome to the new home of TPOK Radio (& beyond).

I would encourage you to open the home page in another tab so you can follow along at home. I am going to run down some of the features of the new TPOK Educational Network.

Here’s a link for you (or you can right click where it says “TPOK EDUCATIONAL NETWORK Inc.” at the top of this (and every page, excluding the forum, which I will get to later).

The home page includes some interesting information about the network. Note: this is a federally incorporated company in Canada, with a registered office in Ontario.

Since this network grew out of The People of Kink Podcast, we would like to honour those roots, but we want to go beyond the K.

Kinky interests are just one of the aspects of Alternative Sexuality. Many people immediately think of BDSM or Power Exchange relationships when they think kink. However, the word can be applied to any sexual interest that is outside of the norm (whatever that means). Here at TPOK, we want to provide educational information for all sorts of sexuality that falls outside of what the majority identify with (or is willing to admit to). That means we are interested in sexual orientation, kink activities (not limited to BDSM), subcultures of the BDSM community (rope, leather, etc), relationships that aren’t the standard one man-one woman model.

We also want to look at the intersection of sexuality with minority groups (POC, transgender and non-binary community, differently abled, etc).

And, of course, there is always room for content on sexual health and healing.

The main focus of TPOK Educational Network is twofold; educate and reduce stigma.


TPOK started as a podcast. In 2016, it grew into an internet radio station. As such, we do have some current and archived shows.

On the “Shows & Podcasts” page, you will find a listing of all of our current and past shows and casts. For each show, there is a link to the show profile, their full archive (the profile highlights their most recent episodes), and their blog.

We encourage our hosts to post in their blog as much as they are comfortable doing. Also, if they have a guest on their show who contributes a writing in support of their appearance, it will be categorized under both the show and the “Guest Contributions” page.

The show blogs can contain a variety of topics and aren’t necessarily relevant to the shows, but having all of their writings together is a nice way for listeners of the show to get to know the hosts. There are other ways to interact with the hosts, and I will get to that at the end of the tour.

There are a couple of forms under this menu item. The first is to submit the necessary information to setup a podcast or show on our site. This is for people who have already discussed moving their show to TPOK (or their proposal has been approved). The other form is to submit individual episodes to the site. All of the episodes you find here were manually created after they aired on Spreaker. Initially, Camille can handle this, however, at some point, hosts (or proxies) may need to submit the information and Camille (or a future Administrator) can finalize the posting.


Speaking of blogs … this is a new feature of TPOK Network. Camille has been blogging for her show, Stereo-Typed, since its inception. She releases promos of the episodes, as well as whatever happens to cross her mind about being a part of the kink community. Most of her writings are also cross-posted to FetLife.

Blogging is a great way to convey information. And, TPOK is all about the information!

Initially, the only blogs that have been set up are those for the shows, however, we want to change this.

Clicking on the blog link will take you to the main page for the collective TPOK blogs. At the top of the page, you will find the 5 most recent writings (by any author). Below that, there are links to the show blogs, regular features (more about those in a moment) and guest contributions. As mentioned above, if a guest appears on a show, their blog posting will be cross-posted to the show and Guest Contribution category.


Posting to the blog is as easy as registering a User account on tpok.network and clicking on the “Submit a Blog Post” link. This will bring up a simple form where you would input all of the information you would normally insert into a post on WordPress.

The Category section is important. This is what sorts the blog posts. As you can see, there is currently an option for Guest Posts, the various active shows and TPOK Network News (where this post is stored).

Eventually, this list may grow to include individual blog names. If someone becomes a regular contributor to the blog, we will name their page and give it a category. They will then have their own blog page on TPOK with all of their writings. They will also have an author box that will appear at the bottom of their posts. Currently, I will add the box for registered authors, but eventually, the author can insert it themselves using the short code.

If the author wants to submit a picture for use in their post, they can send it along with the form and I can insert it for them. There is an instructions box on the form for things like placement, etc. The featured picture will be the logo for their blog. The Regular Features will also have a nice banner picture on their blog’s main page.

Professionals (such as psychologists, therapists, educators, etc) who decide to have a regular blog on TPOK will also have a banner ad added to all of their blog posts that will link back to their own websites.

The Contributing Authors page lists the registered users who have contributed to the blog. Each author’s name links to a full archive of their writings. The layout for these pages may change at some point, but the functionality is currently there.


Join Us! Please!

There are many ways that someone can contribute to the TPOK Educational Network. I have covered the Podcasters, Live Shows and Bloggers and will discuss advertisers/sponsors later.

What I have not addressed are Educators. Well, other than the fact that educators are more than welcome to be a podcaster, show host or blogger.

This is a service that we will be adding in the future. I already included it on the FAQs.

We would like to have a Directory. Actually, two directories. Both of these will be paid services (i.e., the people and business listed will pay an annual fee), however, listing in these registries will be free to those who are also Affiliated Content Providers. Eventually, we would like to build a worldwide network of professionals and educators.

One will be for kink and alternative lifestyle-friendly professionals, everything from counsellors to massage therapists to legal professionals.

The other will be for educators and speakers who teach the subjects that are relevant to TPOK Educational Network. Educators will be able to list the geographic region they are available in, an engagement fee range, as well as providing downloads about their courses, workshops and seminars. POK will not actually get involved with the bookings, but there will be a contact form (with recaptcha) so prospective event hosts can contact you about hiring you for their event.

At some future date, TPOK will be hosting our own educational events. The first place we will go to find speakers will be our own directory. There will be two types of education under the TPOK brand. The first is practical knowledge for those in, or interested in, the communities we represent. The second will be training sessions for professionals who may encounter us in their work-environment. When we start the second endeavour, we will need to establish an education committee (including representatives of the professional associations we will be looking to train, i.e. psychologists, therapists, sexologists and social workers).



In order to submit blog posts (or podcast episodes) directly, you will need to register as a WordPress User on the site. You can register by clicking on the “Register” option on the drop-down menu, or under the “Meta” section of the sidebar.This form will gather all of the necessary information. If you are familiar with how to register as a user yourself, you can do so, but some people may not know how, so I created this form. I will need to review the information and do some back-end processing.

Enter your name and email address. An email will be sent to you with a link to a page to set your password. Once this is done, you can use the “Log In” link on the top menu to access log into the site (or the link under the Meta section will work too).







If you plan on being a regular contributor, we can show your social media connections (and more) on your “starbox”. All of the available options have been added to the submission forms. You will only need to enter those on your first submission. Here’s a sample starbox:


Two generic user accounts have been created and can be used by anyone (remember to sign out of your WordPress account first)

  • Username: Guest Author
  • Email Address: guest@tpok.network (this is a dummy address)
  • Password: 321TPOKGuest123
  • To be used when submitting guest writings that are unattributed.

  • Username: Anonymous
  • Email Address: anonymous@tpok.network (this is a dummy address)
  • Password: 321TPOKAnonymous123
  • To be used to submit anonymous articles to Regular Features, such as My Alt Sex Story. Of course, you can use your registered user name if you wish for these stories to appear on your contributing author page.

Under the “Join Us!” menu, there is also a page to submit a proposed podcast or radio show. This can also be used if you wish to submit a video show, though we don’t have a YouTube channel yet. We can, however, host the video files here.

Soon, there will be a Regular Feature blog proposal form as well.


TPOK’s sole income source (initially) will be through sponsorship and advertising. Eventually, we will be able to sell space and radio spots directly from a Shop.

All sponsors will be highlighted on this page. Print ads will also appear randomly throughout the site (usually in sidebars). Banner ads will be placed on blogs (and in the case of professionals who are blogging for us, the banner ad will be for their practice/company).

Because this is a new site, we will be selling advertising based on the number of impressions. This way, advertisers will be able to invest in our growth, but won’t be saddled with a monthly bill while we are building up our traffic.

There is a Title Sponsor (Church of Sinvention) who will always have the first advertising spot on the sidebar on all pages that feature a sidebar.


This is a free service that will be provided to non-profit organisations that work in our communities.

They will receive a free advertisement for their site or current project. They will also be allowed to submit a short (20 second) radio spot which will be put into a rotation on our live shows. How often they are played is dependent on how many shows we have and how many community outreach partners sign on.

We encourage our podcasters to also feature these organisations in their episodes.


I am very excited about this feature! The forum. Hopefully, the hub of our network.

The forum is actually hosted outside of the website. A new page will open when you select it from the drop-down menu. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to program a direct link back to the site from the forum.

The forum also requires a separate registration. You could register there and remain a guest viewer here.

Currently, there is a General Discussion area, where users can talk about anything. Please do not post sexually graphic images on the forum. We are not a porn site. We are a sexual educational network. Pictures that have educational value can be posted, as long as the image makes sense with the subject matter of the post.

For example, if a user with a back injury asks about positions that might work for them, you could post pictures depicting the position, but graphic representations of the penetration would be excessive.

There is a function on the forum that would turn it into a Quora sort of system, where users can up and down vote answers, but we don’t want to turn this into a popularity contest, or TPOK’s version of FetLife’s Kinky & Popular. We may revisit that decision at some later date.

Under the General Discussion, there is a section for the Shows. This to discuss the show (in general) or a particular episode (in particular). The comments section is active on each episode listing, but the alerts go to Camille (since she posts most of the episodes). The best way to tell the hosts what you think is on the forum. Yes, you can also do this on FetLife or social media, but bear in mind that we are looking at expanding beyond the K, so there could be listeners, and possibly hosts and bloggers, that are not members of FetLife.

A section will be added for general discussion about Blogs. In this case, if you have comments about a particular post, you can put those on the actual post, since the blogger will be the registered author. However, if you have questions for the blogger – things you would like them to write about – or, you just want to send some appreciation their way, the forum is a great place to do so.

The bottom section of the blog is probably hidden from most of you on the tour. This is only available for people who are registered as Affiliated Content Providers (podcasters, hosts, bloggers, educators).

This is where we collaborate. One of the greatest advantages of being a part of a network is the networking. And this is where we get it done.

  • Need advice on a topic you are planning on tackling? Ask here.
  • Looking for someone to interview (possibly on short notice)? There are a number of experienced individuals producing content for TPOK (and hopefully that number will grow)
  • Planning on being away for a while but you don’t want to leave your listeners hanging? Why not make a quid pro quo arrangements with another host. They can fill in for you (and introduce your audience to themselves) and at a later date, you can take over their show for a night.
  • Eventually, Camille won’t be able to do all of the producing on the live shows, so everyone will be trained, or at least the live hosts will be. It is easy! We suggest that there be a buddy system and you regularly produce for each other. However, there may be times when you need someone to step in (though self-producing is always an option too). When another producer steps in, they will need your audio files and logo. There is a cloud account that houses all of the AV for the network. The login credentials can be found in the Collaboration Station.

Have any questions? Comments?

You know where this is going … right?

Why not join the forum and start a discussion in the General Discussion area?

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