Week in Review: October 15-21, 2017

Written by on October 22, 2017

In case you missed them, this is a listing of the TPOK Educational Podcasts and Radio Shows that were released during the week of October 15-21, 2017 (in date order)

The Rainbow Connection Episode 22: Separation Anxiety – Show Profile

Rainbow discusses one of the harder aspects of power exchange for bottoms, and often for Tops as well: being apart from your partner. This can be for short periods or long ones, and for some, it cn end up being very painful if you aren’t mentally prepared and have some good coping mechanisms in place.

We know there is a science behind deeper bonds formed by people; our brain chemistry changes, and being near them produces positive effects; the opposite is also true, such that when we are apart we can go through a form of withdrawal, More details on this mechanism during the show!

The 3rd Rail Episode 60: Drugs Revisited – Show Profile

We have referenced episode 7 – It’s all about the drugs man often since it aired (April 24, 2016). So we will be revisiting the topic, maybe even in a similar state.

We look ahead at how legislation is shaping the future of recreational drug use.

Should government have control or should it be a public enterprise?

Propaganda on all sides of the use argument and the common ground seems to be the health scare tactic.

So break out your wiki googles, because one of us (my money is on Cypress) will have stats and stuff on it, that you will surely want to refute or verify.

Stereo-Typed Episode 39: Sexual Ethics Education – Show Profile

Dr Sharon Lamb joins Camille to discuss S.E.C.S-C., an ethics-based sexual education curriculum for Grades 8-10.

We will discuss why an ethics-based approach is needed, the limitation and inaccuracies of Abstinence-Only​ and Abstinence Plus curricula, and some of the areas that are addressed in the curriculum that will help prepare our future adults for Democratic Citizenship.

Fetish Philes Episode 7: Deep Connectivity through Role Play with Feral_Sophisticate – Show Profile

Feral_Sophisticate joined me to discuss how role play, especially those roles that convey authority, can create a deep connection and add dimension to a scene. We talk about the psychological side of play, sadomasochism, as well as how some of these costumes are perceived by the community.

TPOK Live! Episode 55: MBE 2016 Episode 4 – Show Profile

The hosts of all of the TPOK Radio shows headed into Toronto to be the official voices on the live feed for Morpheous’ Bondage Extravaganza, October 1 7PM – October 2 7AM

This episode of the MBE Archives features:
– Interview: Master Cecil with Rubee Tuesday and AuntieSocial
– Interview: Sprinkles with Crazy Heart and Rainbow
– Interview: Dutch Clutch with PreacherBear and Cypress

Want to participate in an MBE/Morpheous Appreciation project? Have memories from the past 10 years? Were you a performer, volunteer, or attendee? Visit http://www.tpok.live/mbeinterviews to add to the verbal history of MBE.

We are missing at least 2 hours of the audio. If you have a copy of the live feed from MBE 2016, please contact AuntieSocial (on FetLife) or email (camille @ tpok.network)

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